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About Our RESENSE kit?

* Who can

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This unique sensory re-education kit has been developed for a wide range of patients suffering from impaired sensation in their hands. Sensory deficits exemplify a typical modality impairment associated with many neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, strokes and peripheral neuropathies. The kit is based on identifying different shapes and textures and the innovation of its training strategy stems from the concept of sensory re-education. This concept combines several techniques of physical and occupational therapy that help patients learn to interpret the altered neural impulses reaching the conscious level through the affected hand. Recently, MS patients with fine motor hand deficits, such as inability to hold small items, cut vegetables or handle coins, participated in a three-week rehabilitation program using a prototype of this kit. At the end of the trial patients demonstrated an overall improvement of 20% on sensory tests. The use of this inexpensive, risk free kit is especially suitable for children and adolescents as it is user-friendly and can be practiced at home.

* What is included in the kit?

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The kit includes 14 brightly colored shapes with different textures, 24 flash cards with images of one or more shapes and a pouch.

* How to use?

The training session takes 15 minutes and should be done daily. First, the shapes are put in the pouch and the cards are arranged face down on a table. Next, the patient turns over one of the cards and uses his/her hand to find the matching shapes inside the bag. After the matching shapes are identified and placed next to the card they are returned to the bag and the next card is turned over.

* Skills Improved

Sense of touch, eye hand coordination, fine motor skills, ability to identify and match, concentration

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2010 - The new Resense is designated to people who have impaired sensation in their hands either due to normal aging or a disease process.The use of the Resense is similar to physiotherapy practicing in order to strengthen weak muscles. Similarly, Resense practicing improves "weak" sensation. We know that brain plasticity can be modulated by environmental factors and specifically by enriched environment. →Youtube

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